Puffin & Amateur Astronomy Cruise

Excursion to Eastern Egg Rock to see an Atlantic Puffin Nesting Site


Puffin & Amateur Astronomy Cruise

Day: July 13, 2014

Time: Sunday night to Saturday morning

Cost: $995 per person

Details: What do you think of when you think of Maine -- Lobster? Moose? Blueberries? Lighthouses? Many people also think of puffins...and some very lucky guests have even seen them during a trip on the Evans. We know where they nest, we just don't often make it there because of the wind direction. So we've partnered with Monhegan Boat Line to get you there!

Join us for the July 13th, 6-night trip; we will sail to Port Clyde and get you ashore to board the Elizabeth Ann for your 2 ½ hour excursion to Eastern Egg Rock where you will see an Atlantic Puffin nesting site and learn about Project Puffin. Then return to the Evans and go sailing! Also, special guest Roy Hewitt will be aboard to offer tours of the night sky as weather allows. Learn about constellations, the Milky Way, satellites, and more in a totally relaxed setting.