Pirate Adventure Cruise

Yo, ho, yo ho, it's the pirate's life for me!


Pirate Adventure Cruise

Day: August, 7 2016

Time: Sunday night to Wednesday morning

Cost: $775 per person

Details: Arggghh, Mateys! Sail away into the legendary world of friendly swashbucklers, spirited pirates, scallywags, and undesirables. But beware . . . you may be called upon to defend the ship by fighting with swords, firing the cannon, or shooting the sling-shot with our environmentally-friendly ammo (marshmallows and bread balls). Perhaps you'll be made to walk the plank. Discover treasure and take your share of the loot. Scarf down worm sandwiches and pirate punch but . . . bring your own grog. Are you a swashbuckler at heart? Then a Pirate Adventure Cruise is definitely the trip for you. Pirate costumes, a scavenger hunt, pirate booty, chasing other schooners, cannon firing, and lots of fun for all ages! It won't be "all pirate, all the time" but you can fulfill your fantasy to act like a pirate as much or as little as you like. "Yo, ho, yo ho, it's the pirate's life for me!"
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