Night Sailing & Perseids Meteor Cruise

Learn about meteor showers, the constellations & the Milky Way


Night Sailing & Perseids Meteor Shower Cruise

Day: August 10,2014

Time: Sunday night to Saturday morning

Cost: $995 per person

Details: Enjoy the unique opportunity to sail past sunset on our night sailing adventures. Although this takes additional planning, it is an experience not to be missed! We'll spend a relaxing day on an island where you can enjoy our famous lobster bake, hike, swim, visit with your new friends, or find a secluded spot to relax on your own. We will get underway mid-afternoon, sail through dinner and past sunset. When we drop the anchor depends on the wind and weather but is typically sometime between 9 pm and 11 pm. There is nothing quite as romantic or personally moving as sailing at night.

The Perseid Meteor Shower produces about 60 meteors per hour, and its performance is fairly consistent from year to year. Although the moon will be full or nearly full during this week-long trip, being out on the water for any meteor shower is ideal because we are far away from man-made light pollution. You'll have to best viewing spots for this celestial spectacle from the deck of the schooner! Also, special guest Roy Hewitt will be aboard to offer tours of the night sky as weather allows. Learn about meteor showers, constellations, the Milky Way, satellites, and more in a totally relaxed setting.
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