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Email List Verify – How to Verify Your Email ListEmail List Verify – How to Verify Your Email List

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Email list verification is the process of cleaning up your email list by removing confirmed and possible bounces. This helps improve your email deliverability, avoids spam complaints and protects your sender reputation.

Bounces occur when an email is undeliverable and can be classified as soft (temporary) or hard (permanent). If your business continues to send emails to bounced addresses, you will see your deliverability rates decline, your IP address and account may get flagged as a low-quality sender and you may start receiving spam reports from subscribers.

Email List Verification: Keeping Your Contacts Clean

Using an email validation tool is a fast, convenient and easy way to remove invalid email addresses from your list. You can check for syntax errors, identify disposable and catch-all email addresses and even spam traps. In addition, it’s a great idea to use an email verification service regularly, which will help your business save time and money while increasing the effectiveness of your email marketing campaigns.

One of the most common ways to verify an email is to manually check the IP address or DNS with tools like MXToolbox or by pinging the server. While this method is effective when checking a single email address, it can be tedious and time-consuming for larger lists. A better solution is to use a real-time email verification tool. This type of service checks the validity of each new email address as it is entered into your opt-in form, newsletter signup form or other online forms for contests, downloads, event registrations and more. This will also reduce the friction of your opt-in process and reduce the need to add a captcha or other barriers that could deter users from signing up for your email list.